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I am looking into ideas to save some space to have room for other things. We have two closets in both bedrooms that we really don’t use for anything great. I found a ton of pictures on pinterest and wanted to share with you what I found. I can’t remember the names or websites of where I found these pics and I am sorry if I didn’t mention your name.
I love the idea of having a office out of a closet.






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Style To Impress

I love mixing vintage and retro pieces in my home even if I do not have a lot of retro furniture. One of my favourite stores and sources of inspiration in Sydney is Mitchell Road Auction Centre in Alexandria. Bring some time if you go there as it is huge area to browse through. Another fabulous find is Melbourne based company Retro Print Revival which does stunning retro lamps and lampshades. All their lamps are one-offs and unique pieces. Each design is made from original vintage materials for that authentic retro look. The lampshades are made with rare fabrics ranging from 1960’s floral and paisley patterns, to bold 1970’s geometrics. Check out their website for retro inspiration.

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I love this work space provided by guest blogger Shelly! The color combination is one of my favorites.



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Even a compact office space can have a high-end designer look, just as this space does.   I love the parson style desk extending out from the bookcase unit creating a work space that is efficient and functional while still maintaining a lot of style.

With so many home offices being designed around a white color theme, the grey is so refreshing.  Carrying the grey color from the desk unit onto the wall makes the space appear larger.

 Little touches like the black arm-chair and white fretwork desk chair makes the space feel less like an office and more like a beautiful meeting space where work just happens to take place.

This is definitely a color palette and layout I’d love for a home office!

Get The Look:

Besta Shelf Unit–Ikea $150.00

Besta Desk–Ikea $99.00

White Garden Stool–Ballard–$139.00

Chinese Chippendale Chair–Wisteria $419.00

Black Louis Square Back Arm Chair–Ballard Design–$489.00

Coral Pieces

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Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds.

D.I.Y. Beverage Bottles with Chalk Board Labels

D.I.Y. Beverage Bottles with Chalk Board Labels.

Interiors for Families

As a mother and devotee of family-oriented design, I probably look at dozens of photographs of nurseries online every single day – whether I’m shopping for my own child’s room, or just surfing great design sites and blogs. There is so much creativity out there, and it can be very inspiring. Before my child was born, I spent countless hours on these sites trying to pull together the elements of my son’s nursery. At the same time, I was doing tons of research on caring for infants, parenting, etc. – as a first-time mom, I really wanted to get it right and be super prepared when my son arrived.

These are some pictures that are relatively typical of what I found (note: the photos below are a mix of ‘selling’ images, and ‘design’ images).

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3. Project Nursery. 4. Pinterest via Justine Blakeney. 5. Dwell Studios…

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What’s in Your Toolbox?

What’s in Your Toolbox?.

The Pantry

The Pantry.

DIY Shelving via Houzz.Com

DIY Shelving via Houzz.Com.

How to “lighten and brighten”?


When a buyer walks into a home for the first time, some of the first words we hear out of their mouths are things like “wow, it’s so airy/roomy/open in here”.  Or… you might get something like: “Oh… this place seems dark/cramped/small”. If you’re hearing the latter a lot, any stager will tell you that you need to lighten and brighten.

Today’s post is extra special because we have Edmonton stager, Jill Gargus of Simply Irresistible Interiors, helping us out with some excellent tips to help get your home all light and bright and ready to sell!

1:   De-clutter: Think about it this way, the things that you have lying around the house are hiding floor space and making your place seem smaller. Before you even think of showing your home,  Jill suggests you aim to put away/throw away/give away/store 50% of your belongings. “The process or…

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