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What about your journey….

Journey of a Grown Up Black Woman

The thing about tunnels is they are usually dark and somewhat scary places. Our fears scurry in tunnels avoiding the light of open spaces; our doubts whisper to us from tunnel walls. But tunnels are often the quickest way, sometimes the only way, to get from where we are to our next destination on the journey.

I have been through many tunnels.

The tunnels of our lives are those frightening stretches of the path that we must traverse to continue to our destination. They often represent a lesson or a fear or a challenge that we must get through in order to continue our growth. Sometimes tunnels represent those disorienting stretches of the journey between here and there. No longer here, but not quite there. Those dark spaces between phases, where what we did before no longer works, but where we have not yet acquired the knowledge or skills for…

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