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Comments from DesignStaging: A West Elm look you can create yourself…. a wonderful way to repurpose our natural resources.

You’ve seen me post this image before in one of my recent post, Natural headboards. Well, if you are really serious about making one of these, head over to design sponge for the complete diy tutorial!

Below are a few images from their diy post.

A great weekend project for all your weekend warriors!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

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Style your breakfast area with a Banquette

photos courtesy of

I love the banquette! They are so functional in the dining/breakfast area. Pull away the table and you have a settee for additional seating….

I like the combination of style … a mix of traditional and country…

Creating a nook in the tightest space ….

and indulging the design with color, texture, and eclectic furnishing….

Visit me on Pinterest for more inspired ideas using my favorite item in the dining area, a banquette!

Garlington Estate II

Amanda's Shabby Chic


As I mentioned in my previous posting I am crazy about farmhouse chic and love Garlington Estate and the style of the new homes being built on the estate, and it is on my decorating wishlist.  Last year I renovated a really ugly house for a client and turned it into a farmhouse style provence home.  Unfortunately I have struggled to get my client to agree to me taking photo’s of the home, now that its complete, I must say the transformation is amazing, as I did take photo’s of the house when they first bought it before we made all the changes.  Its not offen I got to decorate in this style in Johannesburg, so this project was very refreshing.

Now that I am in the midlands I am excited and looking forward to being able to decorate more in the farmhouse style.  I did recently finish a…

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