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My Life~My Styles

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Found this while browsing Pinterest, which now that I have my new IPhone I do a lot. In fact, way to much.

I downloaded the Instagram app but am actually scared to start using it because it will be another distraction.

What did we do with all of our time before, blogs, twitter, facebook and the list goes on?

You can check out my small version of a gallery wall here.

Just wanted to share~

Thanks for stopping by!

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Even life’s relationships require design and staging…

Journey of a Grown Up Black Woman

I have a complex relationship with my daughter, Jordan.

At 25, she is brilliant and beautiful and headstrong, tenacious and stubborn, and has always been a bit different.  At one moment a consummate hippie desiring to live “off the grid” on the side of a mountain; at another moment, angling for a pink leather Coach purse.  She runs a small independent record label, is a journalist, a social media specialist, promotes and books bands, and has traveled on her own living in Denver and LA and NY. She went to college at 16, and I am in awe of her talent and courage and sheer chutzpah.  She is a giving and caring person.

And she is a study in contradictions. She teeters between “Mommy can you send me money?”, and indignantly declaring to me (with great drama and attitude) that she is “grown”, often in the same conversation. I don’t…

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Furniture Positioning

When staging your clients home, you often have to decide how to position the furniture in the room. Rooms comes in a variety of shapes, interruption of wall space with windows, built-in, or fireplaces, and with one or more entries. How do you work with these variables when positioning the furniture?

According to HGTV, there’s the common belief that rooms will feel larger and be easier to use if all the furniture is pushed against the walls, but that isn’t the case. Instead, furnish the space by floating furniture away from walls. They suggest repositioning sofas and chairs into cozy conversational groups, and placing pieces so that the traffic flow in a room is obvious.

I agree that this not only makes the space more user-friendly, but also opens up the room and make it seem larger.

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