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the bedroom…

I am proud to say that I have grown to appreciate the sanctuary of my bedroom. Merriam-Webster defines a bedroom (noun) as a room furnished with a bed and intended primarily for sleeping. (*I know what you’re  With that in mind, I have removed the television and added low lighting, a water fountain, and soothing music to achieve the total relaxation intended.

Today, we have a variety of styles to choose from, from tradition to bohemian, contemporary to avant-garde…  you can define your design style through the use of color, textures, linens, accessories, etc. Currently, my taste involves a more sterile environment – white linen, neutral accessories, and light & airy window treatments. This definitely helps with the laundry – no more sorting and having multiple loads. What is your style?

Check out some of my favorite styles for the bedroom on pinterest… enjoy and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re finished! 🙂


House Appeal

Every Summer I am overcome with fond memories of Long Island and the beach life style that it encompasses. Growing up within walking distance to the beach off the Long Island Sound, I soon realized that there was nothing quite like the Summer at the beach. Beach front homes with cedar shake shingles, the salt air, sandy dunes, ‘beach’ grasses blowing in the ocean breezes, and the somewhat rocky sand with tidal layers of dried seaweed along with an occasional horseshoe crab washed up with the tide. Life on Long Island….

The waves of inspiration taken from the ocean themed touches that incorporate natural beauty into interiors are indeed, ‘seasonless’. However, the Summertime feel is unmistakeable. Adding the color of the sea and the sky with an injection of subdued nautical details can perhaps emulate the beach-side scene. Whether you live by the beach…

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Even life’s relationships require design and staging…

Journey of a Grown Up Black Woman

I have a complex relationship with my daughter, Jordan.

At 25, she is brilliant and beautiful and headstrong, tenacious and stubborn, and has always been a bit different.  At one moment a consummate hippie desiring to live “off the grid” on the side of a mountain; at another moment, angling for a pink leather Coach purse.  She runs a small independent record label, is a journalist, a social media specialist, promotes and books bands, and has traveled on her own living in Denver and LA and NY. She went to college at 16, and I am in awe of her talent and courage and sheer chutzpah.  She is a giving and caring person.

And she is a study in contradictions. She teeters between “Mommy can you send me money?”, and indignantly declaring to me (with great drama and attitude) that she is “grown”, often in the same conversation. I don’t…

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The Pantry

The Pantry.

What about your journey….

Journey of a Grown Up Black Woman

The thing about tunnels is they are usually dark and somewhat scary places. Our fears scurry in tunnels avoiding the light of open spaces; our doubts whisper to us from tunnel walls. But tunnels are often the quickest way, sometimes the only way, to get from where we are to our next destination on the journey.

I have been through many tunnels.

The tunnels of our lives are those frightening stretches of the path that we must traverse to continue to our destination. They often represent a lesson or a fear or a challenge that we must get through in order to continue our growth. Sometimes tunnels represent those disorienting stretches of the journey between here and there. No longer here, but not quite there. Those dark spaces between phases, where what we did before no longer works, but where we have not yet acquired the knowledge or skills for…

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Hello world!

Hello there! I am real new at this blogging thing so I’m hoping that you will bear with me while I search for valuable content and news worthy tips. I will feature guest bloggers (handpicked) and links to sites with information that can assist you with expressing yourself in your environment.

Life is an enormous stage… Happy DesignStaging!

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